Sam Martin Breaks Down Concept Album ‘Alpha Omega’: Exclusive

For as long as Sam Martin can don’t forget, he’s continually desired to create a “right idea album.” Now, the Grammy award-triumphing artist can subsequently say he’s achieved it with the discharge of his debut LP Alpha Omega, out today (March eight). pop beats for sale

The singer-songwriter takes listeners on a adventure of self-recognition thru dynamic pop anthems that speak to every essential level of his lifestyles: people who have came about already (which include being born, going via university, getting married, having kids) as well as the ones which might be but to return (growing vintage and life after dying).

“I deliver the highest recognize to artists which have made idea facts which includes The Wall & Dark Side Of The Moon by means of Pink Floyd and Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [and] Abbey Road (second half) with the aid of The Beatles,” Martin tells Billboard. “For as long as I can remember I even have longed to make a right concept album, and this was one of those moments that made me comprehend I had carried out it. Proud papa.”

Sam Martin
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Below, the NYC native — who’s written hit tracks for Maroon 5, David Guetta, One Direction, The Chainsmokers, Jason Derulo and G-Eazy — tells Billboard the meaning behind all the 18 tracks on Alpha Omega.

“The Birth”
Welcome to the world! In my creativeness, that is wherein we see, in speedy motion, the advent of the universe, the advent of our solar, our planet, the emergence of existence on earth and the whole procedure of evolution — all of the manner up to the beginning of our individual, a child boy.

“Come On!”
Sometimes this piece is an excessive amount of for me to listen to. I get emotional as it’s full of actual audio clips from home recordings of my life. It looks like a big blast of mild into my soul. The song opens with a baby boy crying; it’s in reality my son, Jack, who changed into in his bouncer in the studio with me once I was writing the album. There’s a clip of myself at two years old gambling with my father, my spouse, our associates, and on the cease my first son, Augie, yells, “Come on!” Hence the name. It’s so constructive and harmless.

“Summer Days”
The individual is now a complete blown kid, playing games inside the streets, oblivious to the struggles that are to come, wondering they’ll by no means should grow up, yet aware of the turmoil coming from the adults and with the aid of the give up of the tune the child is now in junior high wherein things get quite darkish. This is almost a great illustration of my very own childhood. Looking back it makes sense, and that’s why I made the song mild and dark.

Oh boy, matters took a flip here. This is exactly what took place to me. I have no idea the way it occurred, but I turned into an indignant teen. Something that could [go unnoticed] via human beings within the lyrics is that we’re listening to from multiple perspectives quite rapidly. At first, you listen the counselor say, “When did it begin, what set him off?” Then from the attitude of the parents, “Living in worry from my personal son,” then from the child himself, “it’s been constructing up and I’ve had enough,” then from the lecturers, “Don’t suppose, don’t talk, don’t fight.”

“The Great Escape”
Shhhh, this one is a mystery preferred of mine. Coming out of the fad-stuffed “Sabotage,” this track is ready the “escapes” in lifestyles. When I wrote this track, I become frequently writing approximately humans I knew who had been addicted to [them]. I wrote this tune at the island of Kauai. This song before everything became suppose to be a bridge among “Sabotage” and “Sugar Is Sweet,” however I turned into satisfied to make it a full tune through a few buddies. Extra thanks to Thomas Eriksen for being a outstanding guy and a awesome producer.

“Summer Days Interlude”
Here we’ve got the younger guy high as a kite, and feeling very safe. The same protection he felt as a infant. There is a fantasy to this feeling of protection, because no longer handiest is he the use of pills to create this feeling, but he’s additionally transitioning from being a child into becoming a man. If he maintains looking to move back to being a infant, he received’t grow up and grow to be a extremely good father. A father who creates a secure region for his very own infant to develop. (Have I given an excessive amount of away?)

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“Sugar Is Sweet”
Don’t get too close to the forbidden fruit. The mistakes keep on coming in. We are now in the college/celebration years and he can’t get whatever right. Totally tempted through this woman, he’s seduced to the max, but he’s conflicted interior his personal head. Everyone I know has fallen for the wrong person at one point or any other. I am no one-of-a-kind, I became in love with a person that was now not properly for me. This is totally autobiographical. Thank God I survived.

“Bring Me Home”
College is over, real existence has started and bang, here comes reality. I consider when I turned into out of university and by myself, and the Great Recession hit. I got nailed and down went my budget, and out got here all of the insecurities. Looking back, I’m thankful, because I suppose each time we go through tough instances, it sharpens your senses, gets you towards the truth, and in case you research from it, you’ll never make those mistakes again and the cycle won’t maintain. Well, less complicated said than done, and “Bring Me Home” is the feeling of being smack dab within the middle of suffering. Thank you to Mike Caren, Craig Kallman, Jkash, and Cook Classic for placing all your genius brains in this awful boy.

The prayer has been heard, but the outcomes haven’t are available in. The saddest tune at the document, this is the instant while unhappiness and melancholy take one of these heavy toll that the character is left in a fragile state. I take into account those feelings, and I by no means want to return to them, but a lot in my lifestyles was no longer running out on the time, and it even [affected] my health. I felt so fragile.

“It’s Gonna Get Better”
At remaining, desire! The message is from a person above looking down on the character and letting him recognize, things are gonna be OK. I changed into so pumped to have an actual gospel choir, thanks to my longtime friend Nick Seeley. I wrote the song due to the fact my wife turned into very ill in the course of her first pregnancy, and she become having a hard moment. I recollect searching at her and wondering, “It’s gonna get better.” Shout out to Jason Evigan and Isaiah Tejada for generating this one.

“Blue Eyed Joy”
This track opens with an audio clip from our real wedding ceremony. It’s Joy’s grandfather marrying us on that rainy day. I wanted to write a undying track about getting married, going via life collectively and sticking it out regardless of what happens. This is formally the first tune I ever wrote for the record. It was before we got married, I commenced it but I in no way had a chorus, and [seven] years later I dusted it off, polished it up and wrote the “Blue Eyed Joy” chorus melody to complete off the track.

“Song For My Unborn Son”
Now I can barely listen to this, it’s an excessive amount of for me to take. My lovely son — I wrote this for him before he changed into born. This is as honest as I recognize how to be. In the early levels of my spouse being pregnant, there was a slight chance that Augie turned into going to have troubles, and it hurt us awful. I tried not to let it [affect] me, but it was continually there. So in the future I sat down at the piano and wrote this idea pronouncing, “I’m gonna love you anyway you’re,” and it all just got here out. Thankfully, Augie came out healthful as may be, but now we have this song all the time.

“Live Before I Die”
Sorry to take a groovy grow to be midlife crisis mode, however that is life, baby. This is wherein the tale starts to end up fiction. A midlife disaster has now not struck me simply but so I based totally this off some of the adults that I grew up around. While the tune does explicit the negative feelings of the man or woman within the second, it additionally ends on a hopeful word, then it ends with a bombastic singing of Happy Birthday, that suggests that the character took all of it to coronary heart and got the magic lower back and is dwelling a terrific lifestyles.

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“What A Life”
Upon very last evaluation…Lifestyles is ideal. I used to are trying to find out vintage wise humans to assist me recognize the arena and the way I suit into it. This music is an ode to them, and a desire for me and my wife when it’s our time to be antique. In one night, I wrote the begin of “What A Life,” “Sabotage” and “Summer Days Interlude.” It changed into a burst of ideas, I’ve in no way performed that earlier than or for the reason that. I need to say this music was converted with the aid of Isaiah Tejada — his manufacturing introduced all of it to lifestyles in my view.

“Send Me To The River”
The antique guy’s frame is starting to break down and his arms are wide open pronouncing, “Send me to the river,” in different words, I’m geared up to move. I’m geared up to look what’s on the other facet, after which all you hear is the heart beat.

The coronary heart beat keeps and I imagined he’s now on his deathbed, surrounded via cherished ones and pronouncing, “I’m no longer afraid of the unknown, I’ll meet you on the other side of the road. Don’t you cry, you realize I’m going home.” This changed into an idea that turned into on maintain for Kanye West, which he glaringly never used, so I did. [Another] amusing fact, it took me all the time to get the whistle. Why can’t I be better at whistling?

This is the moment of death, and the rebirth into a new shape. No one is aware of what occurs when we die, of direction, what occurs to our recognition, our soul. I’ll paraphrase an idea I got here across through appropriate old [psychiatrist] Carl Jung: if people accept as true with that life simply ends and there’s not anything more, then they die earlier than their time, but in the event that they act as if life is going on, then they live existence the manner nature supposed.

“Shine On”
Bringing it home with a gospel choir and Leisa Hart on the vocals. After a long existence, the old guy passes into the following, and that is what he’s feeling. I tried to imagine what it might experience like to be totally unfastened out of your body, much like what it may experience like for your goals. Now, I can’t prove any of this, however I even have a stoop that existence is going on after dying. I have a tendency to think reality is stranger than fiction, and nature is full of surprises, and when you pay attention a bunch of near demise studies you assert, “Hey, they could’t all be loopy.